Engineering and Architecture Integrated Services




Laurea in architectural engineering, Polytechnic University of Milan.

When I was still a university student, following a competitive examination (1996), I served as an officer in the Italian Navy, and, after attending the 90th course AUC/D in the Italian Naval Academy of Livorno, I served as an Ensign. After the Military Service, I graduated in 2001 and later was licensed as a professional engineer.

In January 2002, I started my professional activity as an engineer by collaborating with several engineering firms, with which I had the opportunity to gain experience in the field of building design and construction management.

At the same time, I got a fire prevention license (law 818/84) and was qualified to train Safety Coordinators (in accordance with the Dlgs 81/08), to produce Energy Performance Certificates (CENED) and to serve as an expert witness in criminal and civil cases.

I continued my professional development by collaborating for three years with two construction companies, with which I had construction site experience by supervising residential and commercial building works.

In January 2011, drawing on the experience I had gained over my previous years, I began to work as a self-employed engineer.

I took a postgraduate degree in "Reinforced concrete structure design", with a grade of 198/110 (2011/2012, Polytechnic University of Milan) and another one in "Environmental acoustics", in 2014.

In the period between 2013 and 2014, I earned 2nd level Rina certifications in: sclerometry, magnetometry, ultrasonics, sonics, structural load testing and flat jacks testing.

I also worked for the public sector on some important projects: I designed a medical center expansion and supervised the works, for both architectural and structural domains; I was safety coordinator in the design and construction phases of buildings of historical importance; I also did the preliminary design of a hospital's fire protection system.

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